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Working in a Coworking space: Tips, Benefits, and productivity

Coworking spaces are considered business provision working models where the people work individually and collaboratively in a shared room. This means that different people work for the same company as a group or other companies in a particular area.  

These shared spaces generally contain all the necessary amenities like any official office, including a desk, meeting rooms, kitchen, and others. Moreover, the occupants here are more likely the free-lancers, entrepreneurs, and small teams that take advantage of this coworking office space.

Working in a Coworking Space Increases Productivity

The term “Coworking space” isn’t a new thing. It is well known from 1995 when people from berlin introduces this idea, and today new concepts like drop desks are taking place to fill the void between coworking software, spaces, and remote work. Hence, the number of coworking office spaces has increased to almost 20,000 worldwide from the passing years. The increase in the need for this facility made the researchers study the effectiveness and coworking space benefits. After one of the research conducted by Harvard business review, it showed tremendous results. Their research shows a strong relationship between employees thriving in these shared spaces vs. regular offices. They found that people present in coworking places have different attitudes due to the impact of space. thus, a positive correlation was founded with the areas and meaningful work, having a sense of community and more control on the job.

This explanation makes us ask why? Why it has such a substantial impact on us ? for the answer to these questions, here are some points:

1) The flow of information and ideas:

in such shared spaces, several people are working together, and as there is no doubt, individual differences do exist. So, different people with different working specialties can be a rich source of ideas that can be shared at the time of need.

2) Positive vibes and productivity:

it is said that 79% to 90% of people of America love workplace friendships that make them feel connected and motivated with their works. And in such shared coworking places, these connections are more appreciated.

3) Social environment:

having personal space is essential, but working 24/7 in a small cubical restricts the thinking capability of workers, and they ultimately forget that they work in a team. Such rent coworking spaces made a profound realization of working in a group, sharing ideas and humanity.

4) Enhance work-life balance:

There is excellent brainstorming involved in such cheap coworking spaces, which makes the person devote 100% working time to his work. Thus he can maintain a work-life balance by prioritizing the task and utilizing his time perfectly.

How Much Does Coworking Space Cost?

Coworking spaces are a new way of creating and sharing information. Providing a space to dynamic people, accepting their ideas, utilizing their abilities, and providing a sense of relating to a community is the primary aim of this space. Moreover, this space is not just about “providing,” but it is also about breaking the stereotypes of the “office environment.”

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Coworking spaces are utilized by every kind of people, mostly the independent ones, and concerning their needs, these spaces also contain different types of amnesties. While keeping the record of these facilities, the types of coworking spaces areas:

  • Open workspaces: it is the initial name of coworking spaces, and it includes a hot desk where different types of ideas are shared among people from other companies.
  • Private workspace: it is opposite to open spaces. These spaces are the rented rooms or conference halls by one company for large groups to share their ideas.
  • Industry-specific: this workspace is for the people of common interest or common industries. The members may belong to different companies, but their industry domain will be shared.
  • Incubators: The purpose of these workspaces is to attract and fund companies by providing them with the support they need to grow. Venture firms traditionally offer reduced rent or capital in exchange for equity in the companies they accept into their programs.

Except for these facilities, coworking spaces also provide facilities for individual use such as:

1) Flex-Desk:

It allows the employees to book a desk of their own in the space. It helps to bring people from different companies to one place and thus increases the chance of sharing constructive ideas and more opportunities.

2) Fisk Desk:

This type of desk is owned mainly by the people who want to deliver a presentation or organize the stuff while having a meeting. It helped to provide more comfortably, increase productivity and boost collaboration.

3) Private Office:

A private office is used to promote the basic idea or domain of the owner as well, as it encourages a sense of security, privacy while simultaneously allowing you to join a wider community.

Average Prices per City

These are all the desk facilities provided by the coworking spaces. Now the question arises what the price of such a facility is. So, it differs concerning each facility and the country as well. Some of them are explained as:

Coworking space: Tips, Benefits, and productivity

New York:

There are 503 working spaces in new york, and the vibe is highly luxurious but brainstorming. Here, the non-reserved desk costs, cost295$-500$ per month, the dedicated desk includes 450$-600$ per month, and the private office costs 450$-1200$ per month.


There are hundreds of coworking spaces in Bali, too, and their vibe is chilled, significant community-free events, and highly abundant delicious food. Here you can find a good range of pricing from 30 hours a month for IDR 800,000 to IDR 2,900,000 to unlimited time, along with a discounted off-hours pass for night owls.


This city has 41 coworking companies that have several offices at 55 locations. The vibe here is highly motivating and productive. The daily pass at coworking space Montreal is available for $20, and a fixed monthly office will cost you $275. They charge $40 an hour for using the conference room if you’re looking to use that.


There are a total of 200 coworking offices here. It has the right vibe and is dynamic for everybody. The price ranges from 100 euro to 600 euro per month.

Advantages or Benefits to Signing up in a Coworking Space:

With the increased need for coworking spaces, its benefits are worth discussing. As it contains innumerable but some are:


Coworking spaces are the best work that is proved by the research and the experiences as well. It provides the opportunity of networking, security, a sense of belongingness, and emotional support to all its members.


As being in a place where hundreds of people communicate with each other, this is the ideal coworking community. It provides a variety of coworking options, increases engagement, broadens the horizon, and enhances the sense of group work.


Owning a personal office can be proved costly, and this is one of the most significant benefits of utilizing coworking spaces. It is proved more cost-effective than traditional offices as multiples use it, so the cost is divided into multiples and becomes affordable for everyone. 

Alternatives to Coworking Space:

As we know, there are individual differences, so coworking spaces are not for everyone. Some people still need some alternatives for their quality performance. For our such members here we are enlisting some:

Community offices:

as we need more dedicated spaces to discuss the interest of specific communities. These offices own community involvement and thus strive to get closure to local people to discuss their benefits.

Business center:

it is a professionally achieved commercial convenience that offers an end-to-end business infrastructure for short to medium-term durations. It may include rented rooms, offices, or any space. It provides a great sense of privacy and security as well as the preferred environment for the meeting. 

Business incubator:

Business Incubation denotes the name given to the method wherein an individual or an organization promotes the establishment and growth. Those supporting the start-up or new companies are called business incubators. It helps in more focus, time and money savings, and access to industry experts and mentors.

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