What is Better Google Meet vs. Zoom?

Choosing the right videoconference platform is absolutely important for us, the users, but which is the best platform available? It doesn’t matter if it’s because of work or because you want to talk with your beloved ones, the most important thing is to know what platform will make you feel fulfilled. In addition to this article, you can check this other one about the three best video meeting software and apps.

This article is about Google Meet and Zoom. Yeah, we know. You may be asking where are Skype and Microsoft Teams. But, being honest, they are one or two steps below the ones in the title. Google Meet and Zoom are the strongest out there, and we will discover why.

When picking a videoconference platform, we must ask ourselves some questions. Which are the advantages of each platform? What about their features? Do I use Zoom, or do I keep trusting in Google services?

Google Meet vs. Zoom

Google Meet: A Brief Introduction

Google Meet is a platform that allows Google users to do videoconferences. They also let you write in group chats with participants of the call. It was initially launched in 2017, but it became a free tool at the end of 2020. This free version already has more than 100 million daily users.

Zoom: A Brief Introduction

Zoom Meetings was created ten years ago in September 2012. Originally created for family communications, the company was probably the most beneficiated by the coronavirus pandemic: with the necessity of home office, Zoom was the one who gets benefited the most since everybody needed to communicate with their coworkers.

More Similarities Than Differences

Despite Zoom being a little bit bigger than Google Meet in their industry (Zoom has 200 million active daily users), the battle for being the best is kind of even. The two platforms have a free basic version with advantages and disadvantages. Both platforms are friendly and have a nice user interface that makes them easy to use for non-native digital users. Also, both platforms let you connect with your beloved ones or coworkers for free.

Both apps have pretty similar features. With Zoom and Google Meet you will be able to:

● Make video calls with hundreds of people

● Send and receive files

● Share your screen

● Create waiting rooms

Moreover, the menus of the apps are simple and easy to use.

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Why is Meet Safer Than Zoom?

Google Meet offers a free version that allows users to have 60-minute video meetings and audio calls.

Google Meet is safer than Zoom Meetings. The URLs are generated randomly and invitations are sent via Gmail, Google mail service.

If you own a company and want to hire the corporative plan, you will have a few options. For example, the Business plan is the cheapest of the paid options. It costs $10 per month. This includes 300 hours of meetings with up to 150 users. Also, Google Drive (Google cloud service) allows you to record every meeting.

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The Enterprise version is the next one. It costs a little more compared to the Business plan. This version of the app allows users to have meetings with up to 250 people. Also, it offers noise cancelation and live broadcasting for up to 100 people.

One of the most significant features of Google Meet service is the subtitles. Imagine working in a big multinational company with workers all over the world. This means you can have coworkers that don’t speak the same language as you.

Real-time subtitles allow users in the meetings not to lose anything that anybody says. This is spectacular if you need to speed up time by don’t waste it translating what your coworkers said. This feature is a really good one.

Google Meet has another good point against Zoom Meetings: you don’t have to install anything on your computer. If you are on a computer is absolutely easy to start using it: you only have to open your favorite navigator (Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome), and you are ready to join the meeting! You will only need to download the app if you try to access it via a phone. It’s available for both Android and iOS users.

Google Meet is another app from the Google Workspace system. If your company uses the Google apps like Drive, Gmail, or Calendar, Google Meet is the to-go option for you since it’s integrated into the ecosystem of apps provided by Google.

Zoom Advantages

Zoom’s free version offers users meetings with up to 100 members simultaneously. But unlike Google Meet, the meetings are only 40 minutes long.

Zoom is less secure compared to Google Meet. This makes the app easier to hack. Anybody can try a random URL link and, if lucky enough, join a random meeting having place anybody in the world. A personal story about this: once I was having a Zoom meeting, and from one moment to another, the meeting was invaded with people talking in an impossible to understand language.

Zoom, just like its competitor, has business plans for companies. The cheapest one costs $15 per month, and it upgrades the possibilities of the free version.

With the business plan, you will no longer have the 40 minutes limit in your meetings. Also, you will be able to record and store your meetings in the Zoom Cloud service with up to 1GB of space. Besides, you can stream the meetings via social media and access other features like enhanced audio for big meetings.

And the business plan has a dark horse ready to make users’ life easier: automatic transcriptions.

Zoom Business and Zoom Enterprise (both paid plans) automatically transcribe what is said in every meeting. This feature is excellent for users because the ones listening to the meeting will no longer have to write down everything that is said in the meeting. With this feature, life for workers becomes much easier. Now they can have a moment of distraction and don’t lose anything important since now you have it written down and can go and check it every time they want.

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What is the Best Video Conferencing Platform?

With all that in mind, we have to understand that Zoom Meeting and Google Meet are almost equal services. If you use the platform from time to time and you only use it to chat with friends or family, we recommend using the platform that you feel is easier to use. If you are used to Google Apps, just go for Google Meet. If you already use Zoom since it is the most popular platform, just stay there.

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But, if you have a company and need to stay organized, Google Meet is the to-go option. Since the variety of services provided by Google Workspace, Google Meet can be the better option since you can link the meeting services with other Google services like Google Calendar.

Having one platform that concentrates all the work environments you need can make your and your coworkers’ life way more easier than having apps spread randomly.

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