The Best Online Collaborative Tools Ideal Platforms for Remote Teams

Are you getting tired of searching for the best online collaborative tools? Well, your quest ends here! Check our list of the best ones with a quick scroll!

The Best Online Collaborative Tools: Ideal Platforms for Remote Teams

Remember during the pandemic, how Zoom got so popular for virtual communication when we all got stuck into our home? From schooling to office work, Covid has transformed the conventional concept of the workplace into a digitalized one.

With remote working being the new norm, the use of various online collaborative tools has skyrocketed like nothing else! Formerly, online jobs were accessible and applicable to freelancers only. However, the scenarios have drastically changed over the past year.

Today, most companies require a digital platform to regulate and manage their operation. Imagine conducting your daily tasks, marketing events, official meetings, payment procedures, etc. from anywhere with some mere taps of your fingers! And to do it most efficiently, experts are constantly working to develop different types of tech-savvy tools.

Nonetheless, It’s time-consuming to find that perfect tool among all the lucrative options. Instead, you can check our list of the best online collaborative tools that can be accessed by remote workers anytime from anywhere.

Digital Communication Website Tools (Chat Video Meeting)

Say you are away for vacation, and suddenly you get a call to come back to discuss the progress of an ongoing project! It might have sounded dreadful a few years ago, but that’s all in the past. Now, all you need is an updated device and wifi. Just connect with your squad, and complete your duty without sacrificing your ‘ME’ time!

These tools are designed in such a way to incorporate different software while minimizing the complexity to ensure a smooth user experience. From several alternatives out there, Teamwork and Otter are the best ones to conduct chat or video meetings effortlessly with your teammates.

Using Teamwork

This project management software allows enterprises to plan and track the work progress of both the team and the individuals. You get notified every time a task is complete, giving you a broad outlook of the entire project work.

Why Is it good?

  • Visually engaging
  • Identify possible delays and optimize the tasks accordingly
  • Sync with Jira, Dropbox, google drive, box.
  • One-month free trial period

Using Application

If you want to document your meetings or class lectures without losing any detail, is the perfect choice for you. This Ai software basically records and transcribes your conversations a-to-z for easy sharing.

Why Is it good?

  • Integrate the app with your Zoom meeting
  • Share the notes with all attendees
  • The easy functionality
  • A basic plan with limited features for free

Final Words

Along with these applications, building a professional network is equally fundamental for an individual or business setup. While LinkedIn is the front runner, Meta, meetups, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are some of the buzzworthy LinkedIn alternatives that are worth your attention.

Regardless of your work location, online collaborative tools have become an integral part of our working culture. Choosing a tool that can integrate multiple software is definitely the smart choice. So, which of these tools are your favorite?

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