SEO Guide for Pinterest: key points to position your content.

Interesting Pinterest is a terrific tool for you to find delicious recipes and beautiful DYI’s. Besides that, you might be interested to know that you can use SEO techniques for Pinterest to improve your brand’s visibility. 

When you have a strong SEO plan, we can imagine the number of people you will be able to reach with your business. Surely, it’s much easier than you think. 

Today we bring you a guide with the steps you should follow to improve the SEO of your Pinterest account.

Keyword importance

The Pin quality

The Authority of the profile

The relevance of your domain

What is SEO on Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google or Bing. Consequently, Pinterest brings you a series of results when you perform a search on it. Well, how does this tool decide which result to show you first and which one to leave for page 50? 

SEO positions you in search engines. 

There are a series of characteristics that point out to search engines how useful or relevant a web page or, in this case, a Pinterest account or content is. For example: 

  • Does it get commented on and saved? 
  • Do People access the links offered by the account? 
  • Are users’ searches being served by your content? 

If the answer to these questions is “yes,” it means we’re on the right track. The positioning is on track. SEO techniques are those that address these questions and work to optimize them. Through this very fact, by focusing on the SEO of your account or page, you are enhancing the features that tell the search engine that your content is relevant and meaningful to the audience. 

Not an overnight task, however, with some hard work, you can make your pins end up in the top results offered by the search engines. More visibility and positioning for your pins. With everything a bit sharper now, it’s time to see what techniques you can apply to get everyone to see you! 

Applying SEO on Pinterest 

Let’s go step by step, from the simplest things to the points that have a bit more of a crunch. You will see how they are all very straightforward to carry out.

Keywords in SEO for Pinterest 

This is the number 1 strategy for applying SEO to your Pinterest account. Keep note because it is essential for your visibility on this platform. 

The hashtags impact SEO on Pinterest 

Of course, they do! Hashtags are the perfect add-on to position your content along with keywords. 

The Pinterest pin quality 

The Quality of the pin is the engagement it generates. In other words, the more comments and shares your pin has, the greater the quality it reflects in Pinterest’s standards. 4. Pinboards are also helpful for SEO on Pinterest. 

Keyword-typing your pinboard headlines is a great way to show Pinterest what your content is about. Doing so will make it easier for you to show up in related searches that users perform. 5. Authority of the profile 

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When you actively spend more time on the platform, the better your profile will be positioned by its algorithm. 

About the importance of the domain for SEO on Pinterest 

Pinterest domain refers to your website. Indeed, Pinterest is able to measure the success of the pins that originate from your website. 

Targeting your time as an SEO technique 

While it sounds a tricky one, it’s simpler than it seems. There are two key points to keep in mind here. 

Firstly, to focus your time, you should forget about deleting those pins that are not producing the results you expected. Although it is a popular belief that pins with little interaction negatively affect the positioning of the account. The truth is that this is not the case. Pins that are not working should be left alone, because once they are released they will not negatively affect you, and you never know if at some point they will hit an upswing. 

How to become a SEO Freelancer
How to become a SEO Freelancer

The second point, as with other aspects, requires that you have the already mentioned professional account. One of the advantages it gives you is the ability to see the analytics of your account. From these data, you will be able to determine which pins are working best and what times are best to post in that niche. 

Understanding more about this data allows you to focus on creating the content that gives you the best results while avoiding having to waste time testing different types of pins. Implementing both of these tips will save you a good amount of time that you can spend on other tasks. 

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