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Plan Travel Itinerary: Easy Tips for your Next Trip

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail,” as the old saying goes. While some travellers love to fly by the seat of their pants, getting everything in order before you travel is the best way to take a load off and enjoy your journey with perfect peace of mind.

There’s time, effort and money to be saved of course, but getting your travel itinerary right also means you can make the most out of your trip, meaning you can soak up every single moment the journey has to offer.  

Personally, I love a good travel itinerary and they’ve served me well over the years. The more I’ve travelled, the better I’ve got at making them, so I’d thought I’d share some of my golden tips for making the perfect travel itinerary.

How To Make And Keep A Budget

First of all, let’s talk money. The all-important travel budget is a must – don’t be tempted to wing it and leave money out of mind. It’ll just mean a big stress later down the line, as you reel from the impact of a ‘spend now, worry later’ travel strategy.

Planning a budget doesn’t have to be a chore. Approach it in a systematic way and it will be straightforward. First, consider how much money you’re willing to put down for the whole trip, then through your journey step-by-step and make an ‘itemised’ estimate.  

Another approach is to use a budget app. Here’s one of my favourites.


Designed specifically for travellers, TravelSpend allows you to create, track and maintain a budget. It’s simple to set up and easy to follow throughout the travel process, with an intuitive interface and lots of great features that make it ideal for everything from solo travels and weekend couple getaways to group adventures and round the world trips. 

The budget is shareable and allows portioning, meaning you can all set up a team-based pay system and keep track of who owes what and to whom they owe it.

Your spending is also visualised with some extra graphics and charts, breaking everything down into an easy to digest format. This is great if, like me, you are allergic to spreadsheets and row upon row of numbers.

Simple, intuitive and full of great features, TravelSpend is a great way to budget for your next trip.

Remote Work and Holidays

If you’re planning on working while you’re away, a travel itinerary takes on a whole new twist. Consider the equipment you’ll need – starting with the all-important laptop, as well as a suitable laptop travel backpack. Don’t forget extras such as headphones, a laptop stand, a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard.

You’ll also need many of the road trip essentials that come in handy for general travel. Finally, think about where you plan to work while you’re away.

Coworking Space For Weeks Or Days 

Nowadays, there are dedicated spaces for digital nomads to work. Call it a work ‘home from home’, or an on the road basepoint, coworking spaces are a godsend for digital nomads who need a well-equipped, comfortable workspace during their travels.   

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Modern coworking spaces are really flexible too – you can stop by for an afternoon, or even book ahead for days or weeks.

Choose a Destination

Maybe you want to go where the wind blows you. But, chances are, you’ll have a destination in mind. Here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind when mapping out your journey.

Consider any Documentation and Vaccinations You Might Require 

Especially in the time of Covid-19 restrictions, being aware of the various regulations that apply to different countries is crucial. Do you research and make sure you have all the right documents in order, before you even think about booking anything.

Think About Connectivity in Your Chosen Destination 

We’re living in an increasingly connected world. Yet, there are plenty of places that have limited connectivity or no connectiving at all. A good internet connection is essential for most digital nomads, so make sure you scope out the connectivity along your travel route and at your chosen destination.

Consider Getting Travel Insurance 

You might not need it if your journey is short and sweet. But if you’re planning on being away for any extended period of time, especially if you’re heading off the beaten track, travel insurance is definitely worth looking into. It might be costly, but if the worst should happen it’ll be worth the price.

If You Travel By Flight

Airfare will no doubt take up a big chunk of your budget, so it’s definitely worth approaching it with care and consideration. If you’re on a tight budget, booking through a budget airline in advance is a great way to cut costs. As is choosing early or late flights – just bear in mind that particularly early or late flights will require an extra level of planning. 

The best way to keep within budget when travelling by air is to use a flight finder.  


My go-to platform when I’m searching for cheap flights is Skyscanner. It’s so simple to use – choose your departure and arrival airports, choose your number of passengers and choose your flight date. Then Skyscanner’s algorithm searches flight providers to find the cheapest tickets available. 

You can also tweak your search to show prices for the whole month, as well as search per country, to get an overview of the cheapest destinations available.

Balance the Itinerary and Be Flexible

Content On How To Select Cultural Sites (Museums), Gastronomic Sites And Bars To Enjoy A Relaxing And Undisturbed Holiday. – 200 Words

Getting a good balance is key – if you’re anything like me, you want to enjoy an all-round travel experience. This means getting the right amount of cultural activities in, while also dedicating plenty of time and money on letting your hair down and enjoying yourself. 

City breaks can be richly rewarding on a cut-price budget. Look for free museums or museums offering special discounts – most big cities have them. When it comes to dining, balance special meals out with cheap eateries that offer great value for money. If you’re renting your own apartment, cooking your own food and eating-in is a great way to free up extra money in your budget.

Tripit: Travel Planner 

A free to use travel planner, Tripit is a great tool to use to create multiple itineraries in a hassle-free way. From flights and accommodation to car rentals and everything in between, this travel planner keeps all your spending under one roof. It’s easy to navigate, gives you great stats on things like neighbourhood safety and carbon footprint and is automated – bringing all the vital pieces of your itinerary together.

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  1. Great post, we have been using this Tripit app for several years now and it is perfect for creating very punctual travel plans with information that will help you reduce stress while you are on the road…
    I guarantee you will love this app and it will become part of your travel habits! 🙂

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