Are you thinking about improving employee relations? Then you need to read about office games to play at work. Office recreation includes activities that promote teamwork and communication among staff members. These activities are designed to increase employee collaboration while raising participant morale. Do you prefer home office to office work? Then click here and read this other of our articles!

Interested in office games? Keep reading!

Playing office games is a great way to maintain the workplace enjoyable for the staffs. Here are some entertaining games you may play at work.

Office Bingo

Bingo is one of the most played games during office festivities, conference breaks, or even lunch breaks. To play office bingo at the workplace with coworkers:

  • Make the bingo cards first. Online cards are available for download, or you may make your own with a free bingo card maker.
  • After assembling the players, take out the cards and distribute them. Each player then marks an “X” in any boxes that contain an action or statement that pertains to them.
  • The winner is the first person to fully mark a whole row.
  • The winning row must be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

Childhood Photo Guessing Game

This game requires identifying the employee in a given childhood or infant photo, as the name would imply. To participate in the guessing game:

  • Ask the staff to bring pictures from their early years. Before the game, the staff members are not permitted to share pictures.
  • Distribute the images among the participants, asking them to examine them and identify the employee they think is depicted.
  • Record the participant’s guesses for each image. For each accurate estimate, an employee is given a point automatically.
  • The winner is the one with the most points.

Two Truths and One Lie

One of the more entertaining office games to play with coworkers is “Two Truths and One Lie”. Each participant will state three things about themselves. One of these claims is false, while the other two are accurate. Then, other team members must determine the lie. A point is awarded to the first worker who correctly guesses. You can tally up everyone’s points and declare the person with the most points the winner.

The game also has a reverse version that you can play. The participant will tell two lies and one truth instead of two truths and one lie.

Pitch a Desk Item

Pitch a Desk Item is one of the best workplace games to play. Participants in this highly improvised game compete by using their marketing expertise. All the objects on your office desk are options for this contest. Ask the participants to pick up any object from their office desks before starting this activity. If the group is big, participants can play in little teams.

The game’s goal is for players to take on the role of a manufacturer and create marketing plans for a certain office product. The group can create its slogans and logos.

Each team will pitch their goods after the exercise, specifying their target consumers and how their solutions may be useful. The winning squad had the best ideal pitch. You can elect judges or ask non-participating staff to choose the winning idea. The game’s length can also vary based on the office has available time, from a few minutes to several hours.

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Statue Challenge

A simple game called Statue Challenge can be played at the office to help employees relax and have fun while they work. After the game’s “statue player” freezes, participants will do so as well. Follow these steps to participate in the Statue Challenge:

  • Designate one player as the lead player.
  • The lead player will sporadically freeze anywhere in the workplace.
  • Players who notice the freeze must also pause and assume their statue form.
  • The last player to notice and freeze loses, and this player must become the next statue player.

Office Typing Race

You can also play a fascinating game called Office Typing Race. Only laptops and possibly a writing board will be required. Do the following:

  • Collect all of the interested players in the office with their laptops
  • Display the words for them to enter within a predetermined amount of time
  • When the time is up, everyone will stop typing
  • The player with the correct words wins the game

Find the Matching Animal

One of the more entertaining quick-fire office games is Find the Matching Animal. First, you must produce cards with matching animal pairs. After that, deal a card to each player at random. Make sure the cards are divided into pairs of two related animals. Additionally, neither before nor during the game, participants may show their cards. Players must locate the second card that features their animal to win.

The animals on each player’s cards can be imitated by making sounds, but verbal cues are not permitted. Players will use these noises to find the other employee with a similar animal on their card. The winner of the match is the first “animal team” to form.

Blind Drawing

One of the best office games for business communication is blind drawing. The game’s goal is for a player to accurately depict an object by drawing it.

In this game, which is akin to a charade, players must guess a word based on gestures and other cues. Blind Drawing, on the other hand, uses sketches rather than motions. Additionally, no specific artistic abilities are required to join. A pen or pencil and some papers are necessary.

To play, form teams of two players. A participant will use motions to describe an object for the artist to draw. The participants will disclose their gestured words once the allotted time has passed. The winning team is the one who correctly sketches the thing that is described.

Human Snake Game

One of the most successful offices team-building activities is Human Snake. Participants learn the importance of cooperation and trust through this exercise. To overcome obstacles and win the game, players must follow the first player in a line. For that, do the following:

  • Make sure your staff has enough room in the office. After that, place items on the ground as barriers, such as books, Kleenex, or folded paper
  • Participants should stand in a straight line
  • Then, except for the player first in line, blindfold all participants’ eyes.
  • The first person will carefully follow the same path while navigating the hazards.
  • The game ends, and the team must start again if a player steps on any obstruction.
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Participants can play in smaller teams if their group is large. Each team will compete to be the first to complete the course on schedule without having even one member tread on an obstacle.

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Count 20

One of the more perfect office games that work to raise staff morale is Count 20. Participants in the game count from 1 to 20. For instance, if a player says “one,” any other player will respond “two,” and so on until the number 20 is reached. For playing Count 20:

  • Form a circle out of the participants, either standing or sitting.
  • Any participant may say the initial number once the game has begun.
  • Another player will then announce the following number.
  • The same number cannot be spoken by two players simultaneously. If not, the game will restart.

What Can You Feel?

This game involves a blindfolded participant touching objects inside a basket to identify what they are. Collect various office supplies from around the building to play with. The objects shouldn’t have dangerous or sharp edges that could cut someone. After that, line up every blindfolded participant and have them take turns looking at the items in a basket or bowl. The person who makes the most or all accurate predictions wins the game.

Guess the Secret Word

A pen and some sticky notes are all needed to play the intriguing office game Guess the Secret Word. For use:

  • Put a word, an action, an item, or anything else on paper.
  • Affix the piece of paper to a participant’s forehead. Participants must be unaware of what is written on the paper.
  • Other employees will gesture to provide cues without actually saying anything.
  • The participant will then attempt to deduce this secret word.

Do Not Smile Challenge

The Do Not Smile Challenge is one of the most enjoyable games at work. The player is not allowed to chuckle during the game. For use:

  • Assemble the team and have everyone sit down.
  • Then designate a team member to play the “comedian”.
  • The designated comedian’s job is to make other employees laugh with their acts and remarks.
  • The first worker to laugh loses and has to assume the job of the designated comedian.


Office games are excellent for maintaining a lively and entertaining work environment. Employees enjoy the games for numerous reasons besides just having fun. One of these advantages is creating a team, no matter how big or small. Office games can also enhance communication and foster a strong sense of teamwork.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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