bluehost web hosting review, price and features

Bluehost: Web Hosting Review, Prices, Pros & Cons, and Features

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world. Small companies can use Bluehost Hosting’s various capabilities to build a blog, an affiliate marketing website, or a small e-commerce store to expand their localised business on the internet. As a result, beginners and small business owners can make the best decision.

Making the appropriate web hosting decision is critical to the success of your online business. Subverting on your hosting implies risking your website’s sales, profitability, and reliability. However, Bluehost promise that your website will be updated with the latest solutions, allowing your company’s sales and demand to skyrocket.

Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost is a web solution platform that provides a variety of plans and pricing for businesses to have their solutions completed on a budget. Regardless of whether the company is a startup or an established one, the pricing is reasonable. It is cost-effective for any business.

These plans are as following:

  1. Basic– The base plan includes one website with 50GB of storage. It consists of a free SSL certificate as well as custom themes. It also offers customer service 24/7. From here, you can use the website builder, which has WordPress integration, drag-and-drop capabilities, AI-driven templates, and a one-year free CDN and domain.

Price- US$ 2,95/month

  1. Plus- This is for a company that has many sites. It has unrestricted access to unlimited websites, SSD cards, and custom themes. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. WordPress connection, drag-and-drop capability, and AI-driven templates are available in the website builder. It also includes a one-year free domain, a free CDN, and 365-days of free office. Bluehost Plus is ideal for people who want to run many websites from a single account.

Price- US$ 5,45/month

  1. Choice plus- Bluehost’s Choice Plus hosting plan is a shared hosting service. Unlimited websites are enabled, automated backups of your complete account are included, free SSL certificate and unmetered storage are offered with this web hosting option.

Price- US$ 5,45/month

  1.  Pro-It allows for the creation of unlimited websites, unlimited website space, and a free SSL certificate with unlimited bandwidth. 

This package also includes one free domain and limitless parked domains and sub-domains.  There are also Unrestricted e-mail Accounts and e-mail Storage, which enhances the plan’s compatibility with Bluehost’s most advanced version.

It can be used by any WordPress user seeking a fantastic cloud web option; one can give this affordable plan a try.

Price- US$ 13,95/month.

Pros and cons

Whether it is a business or a service provider, every firm has advantages and disadvantages. Bluehost is a firm that provides numerous benefits to businesses, but it also has a few drawbacks that every customer should be aware of.


  1. It offers a 99.96 per cent uptime and is jam-packed with security options and features.
  2.  It is a user-friendly application for beginners with detailed instructions.
  3. It also has 24/7 customer service available through various mediums, making the business owners accessible in the event of a problem.


  1. It features Cheapest Plan Restrictions, which can cause issues for those looking for the most effective services.

Bluehost specifications

Bluehost is a large platform for web-based solutions and assistance with improved versions for new and established businesses. A few Bluehost features make it more reliable and dependent on businesses’ web-based sales and productivity.

  • Ease of use – Bluehost makes use of cPanel, a simple and user-friendly control panel that even beginners who have never built a website before can use. In Bluehost’s cPanel, all of your options are presented out in front of you. It’s flexible, making backups, software installations, and file management a snap.
  • Speed or RAM- It is an indispensable resource in any hosting plan, more RAM memory better speed on your page. If you plan to have an e-commerce or blog with the vision of getting many daily visits (more than 500) it is good that you think about the plan “pro” on Bluehost
  • Application or CMS– CMS is a web centred platform application that allows numerous users with varying access levels to manage (all or part of) the content, data, or information of a website project or an internet/intranet application. Because of the many activities, it is sometimes referred to as a data storage system.
  • Hosting space– The quantity of hard disc space allocated for your website on a web server is known as web hosting space. People have begun to construct dynamic websites, which has resulted in a significant increase in the quantity of hosting space required. The hosting space allows for more data to be collected on the website and facilitates additional content. You can purchase hosting space based on the plans you select.
  • Where is your server- Servers are computers that have workloads allocated to specialised activities such as processing Web traffic, performing real-time data analysis, and so on. They are housed in data centres that a hosting provider owns or rents. These data centres house racks of machines that work together to meet the hardware resource needs of the installed operating systems and applications. You may find your server based on your needs and find the best server for your business using Bluehost
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E-mail service

When you join up for a Bluehost hosting package, you have the option of getting your domain name e-mail address. E-mail Elements is the most basic package, with e-mails and calendars, Outlook Web Access, and 15 GB of e-mail storage. The e-mail service is the most crucial aspect of any website, and Bluehost supplies us with the best.

Security Aspects

Bluehost provides free SSL certificates with all of its plans, from the most basic to the most advanced. This is to ensure that the business’s web portal is secure. SSL encrypts data such as e-mail addresses, usernames, passwords, personal documents such as health records and tax returns, payment information, website subscription information, and user registration data, making it a reliable platform for small and large businesses organisations.


In terms of security, backups are an essential part of any firm. Bluehost assists businesses in operating on a safer platform by including backup solutions in each plan. It also features an automated backup mechanism, which makes work easier because all online data is automatically stored up without manual intervention.

CDN (content delivery network) services.

CDNs are used to distribute static content (images, JavaScript, style sheets…) on different servers throughout the territory. They work as follows: cached copies of these files are made on servers around the world so that when a request is received, it is always downloaded from the geographically closest server. Its main advantage is that they make your page much faster, this is a clear advantage of Bluehost since it includes a CDN in any of its plans.

Money-back and warranties

If any business is dissatisfied with the service or the plans, Bluehost offers a money-back guarantee. If the site has any flaws or fails to perform correctly, you have the option of obtaining your money returned in full.

Help and support

Bluehost has a fantastic customer care team that is available to help customers by phone and e-mail 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Bluehost application even offers a quick message enquiry box where you can type in your concern and receive a response by e-mail. Bluehost takes customer service very seriously, and you will never have to wait long for an answer.

Overall rating

The Bluehost platform has excellent overall ratings since it is a large platform that successfully serves all web-based solutions. It is a necessary platform for every business because it manages every aspect of an internet portal simply and efficiently. It also ensures the highest level of security for your company and boosts sales productivity.

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