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Best Places to Live for Digital Nomads in 2021

Digital nomads tend to live “on the road”. Itchy feet won’t allow them to stay in one place for a long time. Yet, everyone likes to settle down someday in one place they can call home. I asked two of my good friends, Pauli and Pedro – a travelling couple known as “Moments of yugen” for their opinion. Check out their blog here: With their help and guidance, I gathered a list of the best possible places to live as a digital nomad in 2021.

Let’s start with the basics. To decide the best place to live whilst having a remote job, there are some aspects one needs to consider:
Weather – an obvious one, e.g: you don’t want to end up in Thailand during the rainy season.
Paperwork – depending on where you come from, you need to check if a
visa or any legal documents are required for a long-term stay.
Community – unless you’re a lone wolf, you may prefer like-minded people around you. There are many places designed for digital nomads to connect with one another.
Internet connection – Wifi is your main work tool, therefore it is essential you have accessibility and a strong connection everywhere you go.

Take all that in mind as well as your personal preferences (like what kind of culture you’re willing to explore, what kind of food you like etc.). Below are three possible destinations for your move.



This is a top wanderlusts’ location. A paradise with stunning landscapes, amazing communities, great food and low cost of living. It appears to be just a perfect place. However, bear in mind that travelling to Bali is not so easy due to covid restrictions. Fortunately, Pauli and Pedro, have managed to reach their destination! Here is a link to a video that explains the whole process in detail:

As a result, they can truly live out their Indonesian dream.

Cities to consider: Ubud, Canggu and Kuta.


Pauli and Pedro are self-proclaimed Portugal experts. Not only is this Pedro’s homeland, but they also have spent the whole year exploring this country. Lisbon, Lagos, Ericeira are cities on the top of their list to visit. The wonderful weather, beautiful beaches (ideal for surfers), kind people, incredible food and so much culture to explore are just a few of the main reasons why it is worth living there. I, personally, fell in love with Lisbon from the first bite… of Pastel de Nata – a famous local dessert.


Bulgaria was popular 20 years ago. However, it seems like its golden days are back now! If you are a history lover, you may enjoy the communist-style cities which have barely changed in the past 40 years. Check out the cities of Sofia, Varna or Plovdiv. During the summer, the coast of the Black Sea is an excellent choice to visit. More specifically a magical little village called Nessebar. On the other hand, during the wintertime, Bansko is an amazing spot to stay for a while! Bulgaria’s affordable cost of living, fascinating culture and great cuisine are the biggest advantages of the country.

In conclusion, according to our experienced travellers, Pauli and Pedro as well as myself, these are our top picks. Despite the unstable pandemic situation, these countries are still accessible respecting the covid travel regulations.

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