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Best coworking space in New York: prices & reviews

Coworking is a permanent part of our travels as freelancers, really coworking in NY is a working tool both to integrate into the city and to grow your network, here are our recommended coworking in the big apple.

The Wing

The wing is a coworking area that offers various services to those who work there. It offers free WiFi, private video calling rooms, and a large conference area. Not only does it give these amenities, but it also provides complimentary coffee and instant snacks for a quick supper. You can order food and work at ‘The Wing‘ while munching. 

This coworking place offers a vast network and support group that conducts events where you can meet people and connect with them in person and employment and support through its digital platform.

Prices and memberships

There are two categories of memberships available at ‘The Wing‘. The first is an individual membership, while the second is a corporate membership.

Individual memberships cost $150 a month, while corporate subscriptions are similar to discounted memberships and are offered to businesses with five or more employees.

Bond collective

Bond Collective is a coworking space with numerous sites across the United States. This coworking place has various unique features, including Conference Rooms for 20+ people, Private Meeting Rooms, and Phone Booths. There is also a Guest Reception area where your clients can wait. Bond Collective also has Expertly Designed Interiors to attract and provide comfort to the business people. It includes mail and package processing, high-speed internet, limitless printing, and office cleaning services. Showers with Towel Service, Fresh Fruit, Snacks, Daily Breakfast, Complimentary Spa Water, Craft Beer, Coffee, Mothers’ Room, and Secured Bike Storage are available through the bond collective.

Price and memberships

There are five different types of memberships available at Bond Collective. The first is a ‘dedicated desk,’ which costs $500 per month. The second option is ‘private offices,’ which cost $900 per month. The third option is ‘day passes,’ which cost $40 a day. Forth is ‘Co-working’ ($300 per month), and the fifth is ‘conference rooms’ ($50 per hour).

WeWork Chelsea (NYC)

WeWork is a simple and accessible coworking space with a variety of services and amenities, including a single desk, a conference room, and a private office. It also allows for flexible working hours. Whether you need a room for an hour, a day, or a month, WeWork can accommodate you. This coworking space company shares its name with major corporations such as Microsoft, Zoom, Pfizer, Samsung, Visa, and others, making it a trustworthy brand to work with. This offers a choice of spaces to suit your needs and requirements. This provides a variety of rooms to meet your specific demands and expectations. Overall facilities such as sanitation and healthcare are provided, as well as professional services such as events and programs and technology amenities like fast WiFi, IT support, printers, and office supplies.

Price and membership

It has a membership with amenities from all the fields. Depending on WeWork location, its monthly cost varies from as low as $220 to as high as $550 and averages about $300 per month. That’s a yearly cost of $3600.

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The Yard

The yard is a coworking space that focuses on three main aspects for a healthy and reliable working environment. Those three aspects are culture, community, and design. It promotes a positive work environment, allowing businesses and startups to flourish. It also provides a welcoming community to interact with others and acquire new skills. The offices are created in a fresh style, with a current outlook on work culture, to keep the business interested while working in comfort. It has a variety of amenities such as art galleries, events, high-speed WiFi, an on-site cafe, a printing machine, security, and storage. It also provides wellness programmes.

Price and membership 

1. Day use of a coworking space- for $35 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

2. Open coworking membership- (depending on the location of the office) (8 months)

3. A dedicated workstation- (16 months) The cost varies depending on the area.

4. Office space with privacy- (20months) The location determines the cost.

5. Enterprise coworking space- This location is for companies with more than 24 employees. It comes with its own set of amenities. The cost is determined by the location.

6. Virtual office space—this has two types of memberships available. One is green and costs $50, while the other is silver and costs $100.

Green Desk

Green Desk is a company that specialises in providing low-cost, flexible office space. It is available for month-to-month or long-term leases, and it will help you expand your business. This location is great for those who don’t need a full office but need a little more. In addition to virtual offices and conference rooms, Green Desk offers architecturally distinctive buildings to attract more businesses. It provides high-speed internet, a printer, a kitchen, a fully equipped office, and security and cleaning services.

Price and memberships- 

1. Private office- $250/month

2. Dedicated desk-$199/month

3. Hot desk- $29/day. $75/week and $150/month.

4. Conference room- $40/hour and $200/day.

5. Virtual office- $49/month


It is a coworking facility that functions more like a home for enterprises. It offers home-like comfort at the workplace, complete with essential and advanced facilities. It is a bright and cheery location for any business, whether a well-established company, a startup, or a freelancer.

Price and membership- virtual membership

  • $49/month for a virtual office with a business address and mail processing.
  • $149/month Co Flex: Basic + 2 coworking days, 2/hours conference room
  • $199/month Flex: Basic + 2 private office days, 2/hours conference room
  • Deluxe: Basic plus four private office days, mail forwarding or scanning, and a four-hour conference room – $249 a month

Coworking membership

  • Glow Coworking Membership: $400/month
  • 3 month commitment: $300/month

Daily Pass

  • single Pass: $30

5 pack: $140 

10 pack: $260

  • Private Office

5 pack: $250 

10 pack: $400

Bat Haus

Bat Haus is a small coworking space that provides a calm and efficient workplace. They have a limited handful of memberships as of now. It is open for coworking Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., with extended hours available for long-term members.

It also has fast internet, printing, and scanning capabilities, a restaurant and lounge, two conference rooms, and a backyard.

Price and membership- 


– $299/month

-Part-Time -$199/month

-Five Per Month- $99/month

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