How to Get Your Upwork Profile Approved

Upwork is one of the major professional networking platforms for freelancers and a major source of online jobs, yet getting your Upwork profile approved continues to be a big issue. Why is that? Well, Upwork doesn’t accept just anyone onto their platform. The sign up

Trello Review & Opinion – Project Management Tool

Trello is the most user-friendly project management solution—also, it’s what we use every day—if you want simplicity. Its Kanban-style task management interface is easy and familiar, allowing everyone on the team to see how tasks are progressing across the pipeline. It’s pretty easy to use

Plan Travel Itinerary: Easy Tips for your Next Trip

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail,” as the old saying goes. While some travellers love to fly by the seat of their pants, getting everything in order before you travel is the best way to take a load off and enjoy your journey with perfect

The best beginners’ Guide for starting a podcast

Despite the fact that it is as of now a colossally far and wide peculiarity, the subject of making a podcast is still somewhat of a secret for some individuals. Regardless of whether you are as of now a fan and need to make your

Best Places to Live for Digital Nomads in 2021

Digital nomads tend to live “on the road”. Itchy feet won’t allow them to stay in one place for a long time. Yet, everyone likes to settle down someday in one place they can call home. I asked two of my good friends, Pauli and

How to Create a successful email Marketing Campaign Yourself

Email marketing strategy is one widely used technique by digital nomads, small businesses, and committed freelancers. These days, many organizations widely use email marketing, which helps them grow their revenue and promote their business. Being a freelancer or an enthusiastic digital nomad, you can easily

Efficiency & Productivity Tips: Work Less – Earn More.

If you want to achieve great things, you have to work long hours. Most people think that way. It’s also true that the saying “no pain, no gain” is a classic for a reason. However, the connection between great effort and a great result is

The 50/30/20 Savings Rule: Personal Finances for Freelancers

The 50/30/20 savings rule states that you divide your monthly income so that you cover all your basic needs (50%), indulge in vices (30%), and additionally save for the future (20%). This is a widely used method that is gaining popularity and is accepted by

The Best Laptop Bags for Travel and Work

In the era of digital nomads and hybrid working, the importance of a good laptop bag is no longer to be taken for granted.   Finding a bag that fits all your essentials, but is still lightweight and comfortable, can be tricky. As a freelance writer,

Digital Nomad Work Visas: Basic Conditions & How to apply

It is no longer exclusive for digital nomads to work from home. The spread of covid-19 has limited mobility, which on the other hand, has led to the creation of various job positions in different companies across Europe and the entire globe. Different nations are

Best and Cool Home Office Gadgets for Remote Workers

The advancement of technology is helping many people in availing the opportunity of working from home and independently. Freelancers and digital nomads can now work virtually without going to the office regularly. If you are an enthusiastic remote worker, you need to build up your

The Best Travel Backpacks for Travelers

Everyone has a sense of adventure and wants to get out there and see the world, and everyone is going to need a quality backpack. After all, when you’re out there exploring the wide-open world, your home is on your back – having the right

Review Monday: Project Management Tool

This article will learn how helps plan, manage, and organize resource tools and make resource estimates. Also, we have enlisted the benefits and disadvantages of using this tool for your remote business. What is Monday is a Work OS (Work Operating System) that